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Citing a rare paper by von Neumann: Various techniques used in connection with random digits

By | July 18, 2019

John von Neumann wrote a marvelous paper in 1951 about random variate generation, which is widely cited in the literature. Here is the BibTeX for those who are here for the citation: @incollection{vonNeumann1951, title = {Various Techniques Used in Connection with Random Digits}, author = {von Neumann, John}, booktitle = {Monte Carlo Method}, editor =… Read More »

Notating “conditional” probabilities

By | February 27, 2018

Let $p$ denote a probability density with support $x \in \mathcal{X}$, and let $\theta \in \mathbf{T}$ parametrize $p$. It is common in the literature to express this situation using the notation $p(x\mid \theta)$. However, this “conditional” notation using the vertical bar (or mid in LaTeX) is often used ambiguously. Notation with the conditional symbol $p(x… Read More »